Whispers in the Warp

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…Accessing Log Book

Personal Log, Entry 214-7

It seems that not even the journey to our destination will be uneventful. Such a shame, as I felt that our most recent cover as mid spire nobles to be the least difficult to maintain among the missions thus far. Gaining a brief glimpse of the decadence lavished upon the upper classes of the Imperium brings back memories of my former life. Perhaps it is best to remember that this very lifestyle is what led to my fall in the first place. Yet, I do so yearn to be free of this Inquisitorial farce once and for all.. I digress.

I’m no longer sure where my team and I stand with respect to our mission. Our contact and guide, Sir Ryals, now stands with the rest of the Emperor’s children. To say his death was both unexpected and untimely, would be a drastic understatement. No more than a handful of hours ago I sat with the man at a bar (cleverly coined the “Warp Shore”). I recall him foolishly trying to court a lady seated adjacent to us, and then me stepping in to disarm the situation with the man that was obviously involved with her. What little respect I held for Ryals dropped steadily over the evening.

There was another woman that appeared sometime after…a striking beauty. I believe her name was Tasha…Natasha? Yes, that’s right. It occurs to me that our deceased noble mentioned she was the entire reason for our visit to the bar. Needless to say, she hadn’t even taken her seat before he was all over her. My ability to read their conversation wasn’t easy through the haze of the establishment, but as far as I could tell there was nothing of note passing between them.

Natasha and Ryals eventually departed together. I sent Vindex to keep an eye on them just in case, while doing my best to squeeze a bit of information from one of the woman’s fellow…coworkers. Several comments struck me as peculiar. Supposedly this “Natasha” was won by the ship’s Captain in some type of wager and gains special privileges due to the association. She services only the best clients and gets to keep all the money she collects. Such a business model makes me wonder if the Captain has anything to gain but notoriety..

There was no time to ponder it further, as my suspicions proved (at least somewhat) correct. Vindex confirmed via auspex that there were no longer any life signs coming from Ryals’ room. Utter carnage awaited us on the other side of the door. What we could only assume was the bloody remnants of the noble lay strewn on the bed. There wasn’t enough there to account for both bodies, but there was no sign of Natasha. I made sure to get a scan of the room before my cohorts began to comb the area for clues.

Chemical tests performed by Siinter confirmed the worst for Ryals, although there were traces of female urine on the floor of the bathroom (and a robe missing). Immediately I recalled that another noble on board was obsessed with this Natasha, a Sir Oswald. I took Mir with me as a precaution before attempting to seek him out. His status was above ours and gaining access to the premiere suites proved moderately aggravating. Try as I might, I find it difficult to follow the oaths of holy order… In my dealings with the Ecclesiarchy, I strove to be a shining example of truth in a world filled with lies and backstabbing. Such luxuries are not always available in my servitude to the Inquistion. I pray that our most holy Emperor can forgive me these affronts in the light of the path I will one day walk for Him.

Although foreign to my tongue, the lies from my mouth pour like honey into the ears of the suspicious. They readily believed I came to administer a confession to the noble lord. Unfortunately, Sir Oswald appeared to be absent. Fearing I already know what has happened, I asked them to please check his room once more. I could tell something had spooked them after they complied. I radioed to Siinter and suggested he avoid going near Ryals’ room and attempt to keep his death a secret for as long as possible. They informed me that there was no sign of Sir Oswald, and that his wife had apparently been murdered. It was also obvious they sought to implicate us in the crime. I’m no stranger to interrogation, and our alibi was too strong for them to readily hold us. We were released from custody shortly after being questioned.

And now here I sit…attempting to make some sense of this. I will admit that I originally assumed that Natasha was some kind of horrible assassin. The death of Ryals and her disappearance formed a strong case, but the urine in the bathroom concerns me. The death of Sir Oswald’s wife, his disappearance, and his supposed obsession with the lady of the night point suspicion in his direction as well. I know that the evil taint of the warp is at play here (I can feel it). I have sent my scans to Lachan, hoping that he can perhaps overcome his uselessness and uncover something we have overlooked. Normally, Siinter is quite adept at solving these puzzles. I shall put my faith in his abilities and the divine guidance of the Emperor. Ah, there is a knock at my door. I must return to the group.

Logout…Engage Dataslate Security



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