Whispers in the Warp

Intercepted Transcrypt (decrypted)

My Lord Chancellor! Father!
May the God Emperor smile upon us, the mere servants and sacrifices to his great and inscrutable will. I address you both as a devoted son and as a loyal subject of your realm. I do not know if you have heard news of our victory at Talos, but know that we were victorious, and that I live still. Sending messages through the Warp is a strange thing, and it is impossible to guess when this will reach you. I may have already told you face to face. Or it may reach my son’s sons on some faraway date. I have even heard of messages and notices arriving to the recipient before it was sent.
In any case, I will relate the events now. Our great Tallhoffer Fleet had tracked our foe to Talos. The Ork pirate Mega’at, per our intelligence reports, commonly used the deathworld as a safe haven and training zone for his marauders. It was known that his entire Armada would be there, preparing for some exceptional scheme of his. Mega’at either detected or predicted our arrival, as his ships were all battle ready, waiting for us. Some have claimed that he intentionally let the information of his whereabouts slip to us, to spring a trap, but I believe that is crediting this animal with far more intelligence than he could possibly posses.
We outnumbered the greenskins, and I do not have to tell you that our ships were mightier, and that even the meanist of our Navy crews have five times the courage and skill of any pirate scum, be they man or xeno. What we didn’t know was that Mega’at had on that planet some kind of great batteries, weapons of horrific power, of some strange, unknown alien origin. The blasts from these powerful guns (automated somehow, for their accuracy was too precise to belong to an Ork) passed harmlessly through the hull of any ship they hit, but caused great carnage to the crew inside.
Even those ships that were unhit by the barrages (as, through the grace of the God Emperor, mine was) experienced havok and dismay, as strange phenomena and mass hallucinations made it nearly impossible for one to fulfill one’s duties. I will not recount the things I saw and heard, but know that I accounted myself as befitting one of my rank, even physically restraining the Captain once it appeared that he would take his own life with his sidearm.
The Orks were quick to take advantage of our state, but then, without warning, the batteries began bombarding the greenskin vessels. I do not know if the psykick phantasmagoria affected the savages as it did us, but we quickly turned the tide, mopping up the vermin with the vigor that awaits all that oppose the Imperium. Mega’at himself escaped, somehow spirating himself and some picked marines (using the literal term, not to be confused with our own glorious Adeptus Astartes) to one of out gun frigates and then commandeering it. He is believed to have fled Calixus, and is somewhere out in the expanse, licking his wounds.
We do not know for certain why the batteries switched targets. Scuttlebutt says that agents of the Ordo Xenos were somehow involved. What I do know is that a Quarantine has been set on Talos, and it is not hard to imagine where that decree came from, and why. But Father! Imagine if those guns could be utilized by us, rather than picked over by some Inquisitorial stooge who has no idea what it is like on the line. If we could get even one of those guns, it could insure our planet’s, nay, out solar system’s safety for generations to come. I know any garrison on the planet would be light, to aid in it’s secrecy.
But that it discussion for another time, preferably face to face and over some amasec. Know only that I am a loyal servant of the God Emperor, the Imperial Navy, and the House Hacklvr.

Your loving son,
Lt. Commander Wilhelm Hacklvr
Battleship Sigurd, Tallhoffer Fleet

P.S. Yes, I know that this message is risky, and that other eyes may see it before it reaches you. But they will never see through our family’s cypher, which we know is unbreakable.__


+200 XP for Jess.

Intercepted Transcrypt (decrypted)

I think that my favorite part is that the Ork leader was named after his (supposedly) awesome headgear. :P

Intercepted Transcrypt (decrypted)

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