Whispers in the Warp

Nowhere to go but up

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Confirmed…Welcome Sebastian.

:Log Book
:Personnel Bios
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:Loyal Contacts
:Operation Phoenix

…Accessing Log Book

Personal Log, Entry 214-8
Location: Aboard the Icarus

I’ve only a moment. I have just returned from another brief visit to the Warp Shore, where I had been seeking the location of the missing Lord Oswald. Siinter has taken Mir back to the Premiere Suites in a similar attempt. As I’ve made it back to an empty chamber with Oswald’s room number in tow, I have to assume I’ve been more successful. Prying information from these joy girls is easier than I would have thought it to be. One can imagine that a woman in that line of work doesn’t have much to hide. I dislike having to proposition them for their…services. Although, why else would they offer me any help? I digress.

Progress has been minimal. We managed to discover the trail of blood in the ventilation system, however so did security. Despite my best efforts, Vindex was escorted to the detention center for having blood on his clothing. Seeing as he was outside the very room Sir Ryals was murdered in (as it happened), it was difficult trying to establish an alibi. Keeping a low profile has become more of an annoyance than usual. At first, masquerading as noble elite was amusing to me, but now it simply seems to hinder our available options. I don’t know if the ruse will even survive the remainder of our journey.

I suppose there is a part of me that feels shameful for not attempting to free our companion directly, but I take comfort in knowing the God Emperor has seen fit to punish him for his stupidity at the space port. Let him stew. For now we need to keep up our disguise, and there is no easy way to reclaim him unnoticed. Besides, it’s not as if we’ve missed his presence. Despite nearly cornering our prey, we have yet to confront…whatever it is. The taint of the warp is ever-present. As always, I fear our psyker does more to draw it’s tendrils towards us than he does to keep them at bay.

Two more are dead, ship workers. They’ve begun a seemingly futile effort to seal the ventilation system to keep the attacker(s) at bay. We’ve been unable to accurately gauge the strength of our adversary. For now we’ve reclaimed the weapons that Vindex smuggled aboard, but we may be forced to reclaim our own from the hold. I’m hesitant to do so unless the situation is dire. The security forces on this ship are surprisingly thorough, and I do not wish to be found with my group wielding a small armory.

Our next course of action will be to attempt accessing the crime scene within Lord Oswald’s room. Perhaps through the vents? I will let Siinter worry about the details. And speaking of…I’m being hailed on the com.

God Emperor’s Grace be upon us.

Logout…Engage Dataslate Security



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