Whispers in the Warp

Why can't we just kill them all, again?

Scene of the Crime
///From the Journal of Vindex\\\
///Date: Error 2347.29 uknwn parameter\\\

So I seem to be going from one bad day to another. I finally get the piss-smell out of my nose and something else goes tits-up. Siintar said we should list out the “Sequence of Events” so that we can “Establish a Logical Paradigm of what has transpired” whatever in the warp that means. Anyway this is how things went down as I saw it.
Order of Events:
• Riel takes us to bar, disappointed that Natasha isn’t there. Hits on Lady Is-something or other.
• Big Poufter next to Lady tries to pick a fight, Sebastian calms him down with his Ecceasearchical yammering.
• Joy Girls show up and try to entice us to a roll. No rolling for me when on guard duty, more’s the shame. Next time I get to be the poufter noble, and wrap my johnson in silks and high-end hookers.
• Natasha walks in. Girl’s got it in spades, I’ll give her that. Everybody’s staring.
• Riel and Natasha talk for a bit then exit to his room. We need to keep an eye on our introduction so I follow.
• Riel notices me, waves me away. Can’t say I blame him. Riel and Natasha enter. I can’t tell what’s going on.
• Comm. with team, go back to bar to get auspex. Come back to room, no life signs. Somehow I have a hunch they haven’t just wandered off. They never just wander off in this job. Some days, I think working for the Inquisition makes you a magnet for all the weird and horrific shit in the universe.
• Summon team, break into room. Blood everywhere, male body on the bed. Head and gentiles removed (ouch, that just seems excessive. I take back wanting to be the Noble comment. I’d prefer not to be eaten by a space vagina). Search of the room reveals warp presence, of course. Female urine in bathroom corner. Silk robe missing.
• Siintar and I go to update Laquan, Sebastian goes to check on Lord Oswald based off info gleaned from Joygirls, Oswald was obsessed with Natasha, didn’t like to share. Natasha is owned by the ship’s captain, won her in a bet.
• Sebastian and Mir, went to the Premier Deck, security finds Oswald’s wife dead in a similar manner. Sebastian and Mir are questioned by Security Chief
• Lequan suggested we check vent ducks. I go in and find warm splatters leading away from the vent on the inside of the duct. Security have found Riel, are searching room.
• I escape sec notice and return to the room. Security knocks to question us. Sees blood on me. Is going to get Chief. I still don’t understand why I can’t flash my badge and start killing the bad guys, still orders are orders….By the way….I had to hide my guns again…..I feel twitchy.



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