Inquisitor Julius Balthar

The Inquisitor


Julius Balthar is a man of unassuming appearance. Rather than indulge in the more outlandish outfits many inquisitor’s use to announce their status, Balthar wears his Inquisitorial Rosette around his neck, under his jacket, to be viewed only by those he wishes to know his true purpose. He is a quiet man; many of his rivals in the inquisition view his quietness as timidity; they are quite wrong. Balthar is fond of reminding his newer acolytes “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.”

Balthar rarely confronts an issue head-on. He will approach from the side, using guile and subterfuge if able, in order to achieve his means. Though not above using the sledgehammer if he must, Balthar prefers the scalpel, and expects the same of his acolytes.

Inquisitor Julius Balthar

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