As requested, I have unearthed and composed the background check on the Tech-Priest the Magos suggested to you. Yes, it is another troublemaker that they’re trying to pawn on you so they no longer have to deal with him. But I believe this one could be of use to you. And honestly, there is no more natural home for eccentrics, misfits, non-comformists and deviants (ahem) than the Holy Inquisition! Besides, we have several vacancies to fill in a hurry after the last incident.

Anyway, to the lad, Siinter. Born on Bruxus too a pair of peasants, names unavailable. These two were conscipted into the Guard, to aid in an unexpected greenskin invasion, and were promptly killed by their own artillery. As you may be aware, a direct hit from a Medusa does not leave remains in something as fragile as a human body. It was as if the God Emperor just reached down and plucked them, like pieces off a game board. The only evidence that they ever existed is Siinter himself.

As a war orphan, Siinter was shuttled off to the Schola Progenium, to learn his lessons in prayer and shooting guns. You may be interested to know that he happened to reside in the same abbey as that young mountebank you were interested in; the disgraced priest. Anyway, I have discussed with the abbot Costello (a perfectly noble and pious man, and therefore boring), who remembers Siinter well. Siinter was a bright, immensely curious, and insightful boy, who was always quick to question, request clarification, or point out the (let’s face it) confused and often contradictory nature of our theology. The Schola, upon realizing how potentially clever this boy could be, leapt into action, and beat him until he shut up.

Academically speaking, he was a perfect student, with a spotless (if passionless) grasp of religion and a real exceptional ability to logics, mathematics, and technical skills (as much that is taught in such places). What free time he had was spent in the library, pouring over all the books they hadn’t decided to burn yet. But there were many, many disciplinary infractions, including bypassing security systems, disassembling the Costello’s groundcar, and nearly burning down a toolshed. The abbot described these as dire crimes of nearly demonic mischief, but I believe them to be Siinter’s attempts in self-education; lessons in electronics, mechanics, and chymestry respectively. The last straw was when Siinter was found to have been luring local vermin and wildlife to some hideaway, and then trapping and running cruel experiments on them, up to and including live vivesections. When caught, he simply stated that he “wanted to know how they worked.”

The horrified Costello struck the boy so hard it was feared that he would never wake up. Once he became apparent that he would, the abbot decided it was high time for Siinter to become Someone Else’s Problem. While the Schola pride themselves on pounding square pegs into round holes, the abbot decided that in this case, Siinter’s unique abilities and proclivities might serve the Imperium in a different way (a way far away from Costello). That, or maybe Siinter would at least have the decency to die for the Emperor. Like all priests, he was a man of politics, and he pulled some strings and had Siinter inducted at the ripe age of 12, as a squire in the Imperial Guard under the unfortunately named Sir Steig Schnect. Here Siinter’s obvious potential caught the eyes of both the Corps of Engineers, and the Ordo Mechanicus. The Imperial Guard would have preferred to have Siinter use his brain to calculate trajectories, so that maybe we don’t blow up so many of our own troops. Surprisingly, Siinter balked at the prospect of wielding one of the very weapons that disintegrated his parents, and instead jumped at the opportunity the Tech Priests were offering. As it turns out, this was a fortunate decision for Siinter, since the squire was the first to die when, five months later, Sir Stieg Schnect went insane without warning, and murdered 13 of his comrades with a pneumatic drill before being gunned down.

Information about his career on Mars was much harder to come by. You know these Tech-Priests clutch information tighter than a commisar’s asshole (ah, to be young again!). Much of it comes from Siinter himself, who was initially reticent in his interview, but hard to shut up once I got him riled up. He says that his intial enthusiasm with the Ordo quickly turned to dismay at “the rampant superstition and unnecessary mysticism permeating the organization”. Rote memorization of arcane rites weren’t enough for him. He wanted to know how things actually worked. One of the more radical instructors introduced Siinter to some like-minded members of the priesthood, who formed a kind of cabal; paying lip service to the Machine God, but focusing their attention mainly to what they called natural sciences. This group wasn’t violent or overtly political, but the higher ups in the Ordos decided to save themselves a headache by splitting them up and giving them various assignments all over space. Siinter, perhaps the strangest of the lot, was suggested for the Inquisition.

As to my estimation of his abilities; I believe him to be a strong candidate. His technical prowess is as good as I’ve seen, and his unique perceptive on the nature of machines may help when dealing with items that aren’t covered by the Ordos Mechanicus. His education in the Schola and basic training in the Guard, combined with a natural tendency towards precision, have rendered him a good shot with a rifle, though as far as I know, he has never actually seen combat. He is cool-headed and detail oriented to the borders of mania (but perhaps being partially insane to start with merely provides him with a head start, in this line of work). Strangely for one of his kind, he has no augmentations, nor does he seem to have any real desire to acquire them; giving him a slight better chance to fit in as compared to the cybernetic monstrosities they normally foster on us. And frankly, a field team could use some brains in it. If the last team had a clever savant or Tech-Priest with them, maybe they wouldn’t had gotten eaten. So I do recommend Siinter for initiation, especially if it keeps me out of the field as that aforementioned brain.



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