Mars Pattern IV Hand Shotgun

Concentrated Death

weapon (ranged)
  • Class: Pistol
  • Range: 10m
  • RoF: S/2/-
  • Dam: 1d10+4 I
  • Pen: 0
  • Clip: 4
  • Rld: 2Full
  • Special: Unreliable, Scatter
    Wt: 4kg

Notes: Counts as a hand cannon. When fired on semi-auto, gives a -20 to BS instead of -10 due to massive recoil.


The Pattern IV is the larger version of it’s single-shot cousin. While many Imperial Navy vessels have opted to field the full-sized “IronClaw” Pattern Assault Shotgun, some still prefer the Pattern IV. The small rotating drum negates the need for a tube-fed ammo system. It’s prone to jam more often, but the compact design allows it to function like an over-sized pistol (for those with proper strength or equipment to reduce it’s overbearing recoil). This in turn frees the crewman’s other hand for a naval shield or melee weapon. It’s semi-auto capability also has the benefit of putting out a large amount of carnage.

Mars Pattern IV Hand Shotgun

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