Terminus Est

Woe to the Conquered

weapon (ranged)
  • Class: Pistol
  • Range: 40m
  • RoF: S/-/-
  • Dam: 1d10+5 X
  • Pen: 4
  • Clip: 1
  • Special: Reliable, Accurate
  • Wt: 3kg

Notes: Marksman’s pistol fitted with a larger barrel to fire bolt shells. Break-open, single-shot design brings rifle-like accuracy and power to a handgun. Counts as a hand cannon.


The Terminus is a relic firearm model of an older day. Originally it was fielded by Guardsmen officers to put down particularly menacing xenos. The design remained lost to the forge worlds of the Calixis Sector and existing models steadily became scarce. As the years passed by, serviceable pieces became coveted by the noble elite as a long range hunting pistol. Those still in existence today are likely coveted family heirlooms or part of an underworld boss trophy collection.

Not much is known to Sebastian about his particular Terminus, the Vae Victis. In the fleeting days of his popularity, an aging war abbot gifted the gun to him. Sebastian assured him that he had no need for a weapon, but the elderly man simply told him, “In time, all true servants of the Emperor will be called to raise arms in His name.”

Terminus Est

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