"The Saint"-Modified Plasma Rifle

There are none like it, but this one is mine.

weapon (ranged)

Damage d10+5
Penetration 3
Range 90m
RoF S/2
Clip 15
Telescopic sight/laser sight


Once, during my tenure with the Imperial Guard, I witnessed a demonstration of the rare and distinguished Plasma Rifle, a weapon whose power and elegance is only slightly marred by the fact it will eventually kill whoever uses it long enough. I was allowed no where near this ancient treasure, out of fear that I would try to disassemble it, and analyze its parts. This was a completely justified fear.

Years later, as a member of the Ordo Xenos, my associates and I encountered a group of Tau refugees. Of course, these primitive bumpkins have yet to figure FTL travel, and it was never made clear how in the hell they made it so far to Calixus. In any case, they were here, separated from their kin, and decided the best course of action was to preach to the natives.

I’ll admit to sometimes finding frustration to the tediums and limited views of religion, but I gained new respect for the teachings of the Ecclesiarchy, when compared to the inane, sappy, and ludicrous gibberings by those blue-skinned lunatics.

Now truly the Tau are a sad bunch of misty-eyed half-wits bumbling their way across the Cosmos, but they do make good guns. I had long heard that they have a form of the Plasma Gun themselves, and I was eager to get my hands on one. Unfortunately, after we blew up their ship, there wasn’t much of their technology (or biology) left intact to study.

Luckily, learning what I could from the pieces I did recover, I was able to build my own rifle. The Tau design is less powerful than ours, but it is also less volitile. I believe I might better serve the Emperor by not melting my own hands off with my own gun. And yet, my modified Plasma Rifle gives me the same range and accuracy (if not quite the penetration) of its relic cousin. Being the only person to have such a gun, I have customized it to my tastes, complete with adaptable scope and a custom grip.

"The Saint"-Modified Plasma Rifle

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